Friday, October 23, 2009

exams are coming yet again~

exams are coming yet again~

stressing period once again.... plus on top of that, i have a FYP (Final Year Project) to do...argh~ im so screwed~ i dont even know where and how to start~ But then again, this is our last sem and our last hurdle before we finally graduate! all of us have been anticipating and waiting for this day for a long time~ 3 whole years to be exact~ so i've got to really put in my whole for this last hurdle~

anyway i've been sick these days, bad flu, cough, sore throat~ argh! hate being sick! cant drink cold water, have to eat medicine, my nose is red and the skin around it is peeling and i'm wasting alot of tissue! argh~ =(

and i recently went to have my right ankle checked on. sprain it bout 2 mths back, but it hasnt recovered totally! when i jump, walk too much and run, the pain comes back, thus decided to go see a Chinese physician bout it, together with him, as he injured his left ankle while playing soccer.


and we both came out like that~ haa! the nurse giving us our medicine was kinda giggling at us and people were all looking at the both of us as we walked out of the clinic together~ hahaha! they must have thought we both fell and sprain our ankles together~ and the cute thing is, he has his left ankle bandaged while i mine is on the right! LOL!

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