Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6 more days..

6 more days..

yea im gonna be another yr older again!

wonder how my bday is gonna be like this yr... i had initially made plans....but those plans have gotta be changed.....im not planning for a huge celebration this yr...and im not exactly in a celebration mood these days either....will see how it goes...mayb just go for a simple dinner with my family and close friends....

i know there wont be fantastic and wonderful gifts this yr...as it aint any special yr to celebrate anyway....unlike last yr where 21st is such big event....oh well...in anyway...i've alrdy received my firs bday gift! its non other then from my dearest god sister MingYueh and ShuHui! Thanks sweets! =) as always, MingYueh's gifts are always very cute and always the first to come! =)

i know my wish of receiving the camera i want wont be granted anymore....it was almost realized.. but i chose to let it go.....sigh...

anyway i do need a mp3 player as well! cuz my mp3 player went missing!! Sobs! =( and my camera is dying on me very soon!! argh! need to spend more money again!! =( any nice and kind soul willing to surprise me? haha!

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