Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates these days!!

Sorry for the lack of updates these days!!

due to my commitment to my studies, im hardly online and barely have the time to blog! I'm always mugging at KAP in the day and Changi Airport T2 at night til wee hours of the morning!

Thus please pardon me! Will update about my week's happening soon!!! Stay tuned! =)

As for now, im gonna go out soon to KK hospital to fetch my Mum who just underwent an operation, before heading out to study with my classmates again!! Exams commences tomorrow morning at 9am!! STRESSS!!

Meanwhile, HAPPY 2nd Year Anniversary to my Baby!! Though im unable to be with you right now, you know my heart is always with you!! =) Looking forward to our belated celebration after my exams! *hugs* LOVE YOU! =)

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