Tuesday, July 7, 2009



i so wanna blog....but upon clicking on Create New Post. i suddenly blanked out. i've got nothing to blog about these days. Nothing special or interesting happened. Just me mugging at KAP everyday.

i've been having the Gummybears cravings these days. And have actually been eating them everyday!! i've had like more than 6 packs of GummyBears, meaning i chewed off many heads!! haha!

All the different GummyBears i've eaten these few days~ Yupi GummyBears, FirstChoice GummyBears, SourGummyBears and the last pack is from Germany! Germany GummyBears! Yummy!!!

but kinda sick of it now...my next craving...JELLYBEANS!! hahaha! Weeeeee~

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