Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the final obstacle!

the final obstacle!

yeap...tmr is our final paper! 3 papers are alrdy down...sigh...getting from ok to bad to worse....

first paper GBE was alright...Ecomm and RSM were back to back on Monday and Tuesday..and it was sucha killer! EC wasnt too bad although not very good....but RSM was horrid! sigh...the topics we focused on didnt appear...and thus i was in a lost state when i opened the question paper. i sat there and stare at the paper for 10mins in disbelieve before reality eventually sank in and i rush to start on the paper which i had no confidence in and totally didnt know what to do...i could sense smoke coming out from me!! smoking my way thru and writing whatever nonsense that comes into my head.... =( *sulks*

i still remember both me and Alan's reaction...well he so happened to be sitting with me during exam...and we both just blurped out "SHIT"....gosh and i almost did a WarCry!!

anyway its over and theres nothing much i can do bout it now.....can only pray hard for the best!!

as for tmr's paper..sigh.....very worried....cuz i did minimal preparations for it as compared to the first 3 papers! in another 11hrs plus from now the paper would start....feeling freaking stressed up right now....

but yet cant wait for it to be all over and done with!! i seriously am in need of alcohol intoxication!! drinks drink and more drinks!!!

oh reminds me....sidetrack abit.....i shared a can of Tiger ytd with Jerrain while we mugged til 5am! haha! yay~ Tiggeress had Tiger! weeeeee~

ok back to my so tired!! i NEED rest rest and MORE rest and SLEEP! i've been lacking of slp for these past weeks..slping only about 4 hrs a day..and its taking quite a toll on my body!! i feel like my body is breaking up and aging very quickly!! argh~


RaiN said...

hush dear... I was prohibited by the mighty "one" from drinking that day.



Yuriko said...

oops...hahah! i doubt he read my blog anyway. so i guess u're safe. haha!

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