Thursday, July 30, 2009

feeling a sense of satisfaction!!

feeling a sense of satisfaction!!

cuz i did something from my list of things to do! i went for a morning 2km jog at 6am! weeeee~ finally moved my lazy bum after procrastinating for so long! hah! hopefully i will have the determination to go for more of such jogs with an increase in distance!! im in need to lose weight!! my huge tummy looks pregnant! faints!

and i just dropped Muffin off at his groomer for his full grooming! will update more new picts of his new furcut soon! hehe!

anyway gonna go Timbre @ The Substation tonight with Stanley to celebrate our belated 2yrs anniversary.. looking forward as he mentioned the place is nice with gd food and great liveband when he went not too long ago with his friends. =)

will update bout it tmr! stay tuned! =)

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