Sunday, July 12, 2009



4 More days to Our 2nd Yr Anniversary! 16July ♥

5 More days to the Commencement of my Yr3 2nd Semester Exams! 17July09 - 23July09!!

Stress Stress and more Stress~ only a few more days to go and yet i still dont feel ready at all!! On top of that, it meant that we're unable to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary on the actual day as i'll be busy with my exam preparations! Sigh....Will have a belated celebration after my exams though.. =) Looking forward~

In fact i've alrdy got lotsa plans up after my exams!!

★ belated 2nd Yr Anniversary Celebration with Bf!
★ 2nd visit to the Orphanage and HouseOfRefuge in Batam [26July09]
★ diving trip!
★ meet up with Erica and Caelyn for shopping and catching up!
★ meet up with Daphanie darling for suntanning, shopping and catching up!
★ meet up with many other good friends! (Simin, Linda, Yvonne, Derek, Brandon, Darren, Kevin, etc.)
★ take up either Vocal/Salsa/Pole lessons (still in the midst of deciding which to tk up first)
★ cook up something nice for dearest Bf!
★ revamp my room and clear up the mess i made these days due to overwhelming books and notes for exams!
★ bring Muffin for grooming!
★ focus on improving on my Guitar!
★ start on my FYP!! (This is IMPT!)
★ go jogging, swimming, gym, dieting!!! (I badly need to lose weight! gained so much during this exams stress period!)
★ etc... (seriously i think my list of things to do can go on and on...i've got so much to accomplish after exams~!)

okok..back to my MUGGING for now~

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