Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Fingers hurt badly~

My Fingers hurt badly~

had my first Guitar lesson with Winston Bro today! Its been 2 yrs since my lesson with Mike korkor~ Thus my fingers arent use to it anymore~ on top of that i've forgotten everything i learnt! Thus we went thru all the basics to refresh my memory today~ Gosh and i must comment, Winston is not only good with the guitar, his vocals are pretty impressive as well!! And did i mention he is the guitarist of their band named Supernova! =)

Known him for about 8+yrs in secondary school as he was my senior back then, and i only know he plays the guitar, but didnt know he can actually play it so well and sing so well too. haha!

Anyway Thanks bro for the lesson today! =) Hopefully by next week i've improved abit! So i can learn more new stuff!! Weeeee~

More practicing would be done everyday!! This time i'm determined to learn the guitar til im good at it!! No more giving up this time!! =) I shall not let my Black Beauty, Lulu, be neglected anymore!!!


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