Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Morning prayers are refreshing!!

Morning prayers are refreshing!!

i've not been waking up so early for sucha long time! its been 2 to 3 mths since my bio-clock went topsy-turvy! been slping at 4am to 5am and waking up at 10am to 12+pm or even at 2pm sometimes! but this very morning i woke up at 5.30am (*beams*) and forced myself to go to bed at 1am last night! but since im not used to slping so early i ended up tossing and turning in bed til 2+am before i eventually doze off~ thus its pretty shocking for some of my CG members to see me (the night owl as they called) that early in the morning!~ on top of that i was the First to reach Payer Lebar MRT station! haa! anyway shortly after i reach a few of them came and we went up for our morning Prayer Meeting! =)

its the first morning prayer meeting i attended. and i must say im pretty surprised that i felt so refreshed and felt good bout it! =) anyway after prayers, Kaiyun, John, Christine and me headed for McDonalds breakfast, while the others rushed to work. Christine left for work after breakfast while the 3 of us stayed on to continue fellowship~ chatted bout stuff and we got so caught up that we didnt realise we've chatted for 2 hours! haa~ after which we all headed home. =)

Upon reaching home did the housechores, iron and folded the basket of clothes, bath Muffin, practice on my guitar and did some revision. =) Waking up early is indeed good! Cuz i get to accomplish more things in the day!! looking forward to this whole wk of prayer meetings~ =)

camwhoring early in the morning while waiting for the lift before heading to Prayers Meeting! (ok i know i look extremely tired!! with bloodshot eyes and heavy eyebags~ faints!)

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