Monday, June 22, 2009

Fever-ish, Flu-ish...

Fever-ish, Flu-ish...

Sigh...i've finally fallen sick...after months of body finally gave in to the virus... been having a slight fever since yesterday night while at Bf's place. This morning when he send me home i felt alright..but upon half an hour of reaching home, my flu came back and i felt all feverish again...sigh..

been sneezing so much and kept blowing my nose til the skin on my nose have peeled. and while bathing and washing my face just now, it hurts so badly! *sobs*

i better get well by tonight! Cuz im suppose to start mugging with my circle of trust from tomorrow onwards! as for today, guess im gonna rest early and wont be going to school. dont think i can make it. plus i worry my classmates get frighten! especially now that the cases of H1N1 in singapore is once again rising! The latest news is that those who went to club at ButterFactory last wednesday are at risk as theres cases found of people who went there and gotten H1N1! so scary~ Thank God i didnt go, but i still feel im at risk since i went to the airport to pick Bf up on Sat, and Bf just came back from overseas (India, Chennai where there are 3 H1N1 cases and all are dead!) *Worrying*

Oh God, Please grant me good health and speedy recovery! and i wish to get well by tonight! Thanks and i pray all these in Jesus precious name! AMEN! =)

Nitey people~ Gonna pop panadols and sleep in awhile~


DK said...

It's a bad time to have fever and flu. Get well soon. :)

Yuriko said...

yea it is indeed!. anyway thanks! :)

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