Monday, May 4, 2009

Church, Tomyam, Pool, X-Men Wolverine The Origin, New Fila Blades, Rollerblading! I'm all worn out!!

Church, Tomyam, Pool, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, New Fila Blades, Rollerblading! I'm all worn out!!

on saturday, woke up in the afternoon, prep and waited for bf to come pick me up. went over to his place to rest for awhile before we head down to church service. Dr Stephen K. Munsey was preaching for the day and i must say...i was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY! he's sucha awesome preacher! Lotsa emotions and expressions. and he did a 1 man drama as he preaches! Totally unique and outstanding! Topic for the day is LOVE.

anyway after the session, we head down to park the car at Shaw tower before we went over to have Steamboat dinner with Marcus and Yifeng! we had 2 soup bases, Tomyum and Chicken soup. and without a doubt i was gulping on the Tomyam soup throughout! Yummylicious! i just LOVE Tomyam soup! haha! after dinner we head down to a pool and billiard parlour near the old Devils Bar which is also somewhere near the HardRock Cafe. played til 1am before heading home for the night.


Bf and Yifeng playing pool! Marcus left earlier and thus didnt snap him! and since no one is snapping me! i snapped myself! haha!

as for Sunday, woke up and eat and watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine! Fantastic show since i've always like X-Men and have watched their other parts as well. In fact this episode was one i was looking forward to since Wolverine is my favourite character in X-Men since my younger days while watching the cartoon, reading the comics and also when playing games! haha! Anyway this show is basically about Logan aka Wolverine's past, his origin and the life he leads before he eventually loses his memory! The story line is bout him living a mutant life, seeks revenge against Victor Creed (who will later become Sabretooth) for the death of his girlfriend, and ultimately ends up going through the mutant Weapon X program. All in all, i would say its a MUST watch!! 4.5/5 popcorns!! only that some part of the graphics aint very well done thus i didnt give it 5/5popcorns! but nonetheless its still a great show!!

Wolverine! So cool!!

I shant spoil the whole movie for you if you havent watch it, but if you really wanna find out the whole storyline, you can read up the synopsis here!

Anyway after the movie, we went to ECP, Urban Inline to purchase my new Fila Blades! (my old ones are back at home with me now, while the new ones are left at bf's place) Gotten the Skate Filas Thetis Pro Lady in black and white with Chrome Buckle!! ( wanted something in pink but they're all for kids! =( ) In terms of specs its considered close to the higher ends for recreational skaters. Wanted to get another pair from K2. But the sales person there sounded really convincing and insisted the Fila one is better as K2 Skate's standard have dropped. Cost me $255! sigh. feeling broke! On top of that I bought new protective gears as well! As my previous ones are pretty old, torn and kinda oversize for me! So this time round i bought the Kids size!! Fits just right! Finally it foesnt move ard so much and i dont have to keep adjusting! Max broke-ness!! considering that i aint working now! =(

My new blades and protective gears!

After buying, went to meet Marcus and Yifeng again for rollerblading session! Bladed from Fort Road til almost reaching Tanah Merah Safra Chalet and back to Fort Road again! tts like close to 15km i suppose? or more than that? im not sure. but one thing i know. My legs and feet were sore and aching til i could hardly move!! We made a few stops for drinks, ice cream and also dinner at Carls Jr. Gosh im not sure if its the new blades which are not seasoned enough or it just aint very good for me to go fast and far without much effort! Cuz i definately gone slower during this blading session and caused the other guys to keep stopping and waiting for me. Or m i just getting old and my stamina have dropped since i've stopped blading for quite some time? Im not sure...sigh... Lets hope the next session would be better!

as for today, woke up early and prep and bf send me home before he headed to work. upon reaching home did some housechores and then i went out with Muffin to meet Simin for lunch again. as for now im back home and resting for awhile before i head out to school later on!

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