Thursday, April 16, 2009

pale in comparison....

pale in comparison....

its been a bad bad day for me. everything dont seem to be turning out right. everyone seem to be stepping on my tail. i was feeling pretty moody.

its suppose to be our 1yr9mth monthniversary. i called and wished u. but the conversation didnt turn out right. and it made my day worse then it alrdy is. i thought talking to u would cheer me up and make me feel better. but i guess as mention, it just wasnt my day.

i dread being compared with others. i dread it when i pale in comparison. yea im an egoistic person. and i hate it when my ego is being bruised.

i shall not go on further with my ranting, as i know there'll nv be an ending...

but i must say i did receieve a piece of gd news today and i caught myself a Dumbo Elephant which did cheer me up for a moment, but obviously wasnt enough to compensate for the whole day of anger.

this was the actual Baby Dumbo i caught. (snapped by Jerrain) but i soon got it exchanged for the original Dumbo!

Dumbo is my new love! the new addition to my collection of plushies~

Muffin darling looking very cocky! he wasnt happy i brought the new Dumbo back and placed it on my bed! haha!

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