Wednesday, April 1, 2009



feeling jaded once again. totally worn out from everything. mainly assignments. all these stress is causing me to go insane again. thoughts go running around crazily in my head. i totally cant focus. the assignment due date is just tomorrow. and i have only today til tomorrow 7.30pm to complete. complete as in finish the assignment, printed, binded and at school to submit. im running out of time and i just cant wait for this agony to end.

lotsa stuff in mind. lotsa things left undone.

jaded. very jaded.

missing my baby. im so in need of a hug right now.


Drizzle Kid said...

I hope things work out with the assignment. I'm sorry to hear that you are having a bad time. Just try an think of all the fun things you can do once you have completed what you have to do.

Yuriko said...

Hi! thanks for the encouragement! =) much appreciated!!

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