Thursday, April 2, 2009

Its finally over!!

Its finally over!!

Yeap! My assignment is FINALLY over! HaPpY hApPy HAPPY!! its been rushed the whole of last night til 4am and woke up this morning to rush again from 10am til 6pm! and at 7.30pm its been submitted to school!! the agony, the sleepless nights, the torture, the headaches... its all OVER! (well for now at least *sigh*)

and after all the stress~ i was rewarded with dinner at Waraku Japanese Casual Dining! Yummy~ but sadly lately my appetite aint very good, thus i could only finish 1/4 of my Tonkatsu Ramen. Ordered the Potato Mochi and my all time favourite Iidako(mini octopus)!! (without fail MUST order when eating Jap food) hehe~ had Chuhai Apple which is a sort of cocktail which means it is alcoholic. But it taste quite refreshing! =) The salmon wasnt very fresh though. Service was not bad as the waitresses were all very friendly =)

sadly i didnt snap any photos though. sad~ lately due to too much stress my brain seem to malfunction. been VERY absent minded recently! sigh~

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