Tuesday, April 14, 2009

imperfect perfectionist living in contradiction

imperfect perfectionist living in contradiction.

insomnia once again. its 5am AGAIN. and im still awake, feeling hyper and sitting infront of my lappy ROTTING. this has been going on for 2weeks straight!!

all these insomnia are driving me nuts! im starting to have random thoughts.

it just suddenly struck me that im a VERY boring person.

everything seemed routine. the things i do. the clothes i wear. the things i say. the way i look. im not sure if its me feeling bored, or i simply am a boring person.

but one thing for sure that i know. im an imperfect perfectionist living in contradiction!


contradicting!! total randomness!!

i seriously think i need a CHANGE!

a change in my dressing.
a change in the way i think
a change in the topics i talk about
a change in my looks
a change in the things i do.
a change in basically everything.....

im not sure if its ever possible. but im gonna try!!

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