Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm back from Bangkok

I'm back from Bangkok

It was sucha rush trip. everything was so rush!

Reached Thailand on sat night (1st day)at about 8+pm (thai time). Took a cab and went to our hotel to check-in. (Grand Diamond Suite Hotel) After which we went out for dinner and bought some stuff on the way. After which we head out to club! I cant remember exactly which club we went but it was really crowded. I personally feel the DJ aint very gd though. The songs were all so messily mixed and played. changing from slow to fast songs, from genre to genre. but the people there were pretty fun! haha!

on sunday (2nd day), we went for breakfast, after which head out to shop! went to 'Chut-to-chut' for only bout half an hour before they decide to go elsewhee to shop as the sun was just too hot and we were all melting! We then head to Platinum to shop. Then we head to have CharSiu noodle for lunch where we bumped into Jeffrey! after which we continued shopping. evening we went back to put our stuff back at the hotel and went out again for dinner at MBK before finally coming back to rest for the day.

on monday (last day), we went to Baiyoke Sky Hotel to have breakfast as we didnt like the breakfast at our hotel. after which continue shopping and Linda went to the dentist to wash her teeth (thats where i use the comp there to blog from bangkok), after which we went to shop around abit before going back to hotel to pack our stuff and checked out. we then went out again to platinum to continue shopping again. shopped til Shirlene realise she lost our baggage slip, thus not wanting to take any chances of the anyone picking up the slip and going to the hotel to take out baggages, we decided to end out shopping trip and rush back to get out baggages and took the minivan which we hired to the airport. and as they calculated the time wrongly, we reached the airport too early and ended up waiting there for about 4hours before we could check in our luggages. Went to have dinner and after checking in we went to walk around for awhile til our legs were all tired and went in to sit down for another 2 hours til we could board the plane back to Singapore. The wait would ahve been shorter if not for the stupid flight delay. *sulks* By the time we arrived Singapore where my dad came to pick me up, it was about 1.30am! got home at 2am, washed up and i went to slp right away without even having any energy to unpack my luggage~

anyway i gotta get back to rushing my assignment which is due on 2april09! will upload the picts soon! not much picts though. As i didnt use my camara to take any at all. some of the picts are in Shirlene and Yvonne's camara. Thus have to wait for them to send to me. which i dont think would be very soon. Anyway picts wouldnt be more than 20shots. *sigh* will take more picts on my next trip there again. *ciao for now~*

some photos are up. do check them out HERE!

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