Monday, April 6, 2009

Crappy School!

Crappy School!

Argh! i was so looking forward to going to sch. havent felt such enthusiasm since a long time. but my enthusiasm just went down the drain.

reach Douby Ghaut and went to Mr Bean to get my favourite Pearly Soya Milk since i didnt have dinner.

Reach class on time and realise the lecturer aint around yet. Thus i joined my Circle of trust for their Puffing session. No! not me. i just went with them as usual. after which went back to class nd the lecturer stil aint around. by then it was already almost half an hours past. Then at about a lil past 7.30pm, our course coordinator came in and announced that the lecturer is NOT aware there is classes tonight as she recieved a different time table! WTH! waste of our time!!

Its indeed a stupid school. Stupid systems and stupid coordinators and planner. they should change all their staff!! VERY bad service. and this is NOT the first time it happened. gosh. wonder y am i still there! i cant wait to graduate!

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