Saturday, March 21, 2009

One paper down!

One Paper down! =)

yeah! had my HRM (Human Resource Management) paper this morning! woken up at bout 6.45 by Glenn's sms! thank god he smsed me! else i would probably have overslept! i had initially set my alarm to ring at 5.30 but it failed me! =(

anyway rushed to sch and did some last min revision before we finally headed into Samtas Hall for our 3hrs exam. i was pretty stressed up as its a 20credit paper. sigh. when i saw the question i sat there and stoned for about 10mins before i eventually started writing. contemplating which question to do or rather which question i had more confident in! i had studied most for most of the questions! but the down side was i couldnt remember everything! thus had to weigh which i had more confident in before i could start.

anyway overall i would say the paper was alright. not tt fantasticly done. but i believe i could at least pass i think. though i do hope to get at least a B! not much confidence. sigh.

after the paper went to have lunch with Jeffrey, Mike and Jerrain before we went home to tk a break for the day and continue mugging again the next day!

went home and did some stuff, played with Muffin and in the evening went to help my friend to move house.

She has so many things! faints. and the interesting part was i was suppose to help drive her company's van! (cuz im the only one among my friends who can drive a manual car and has a manual license!) i didnt drive tt kinda van before and was pretty scared! but i must say i was quite a fun experience! LOL! you get to look down on cars as in the van we would be sitting quite high up, the view and blindspots were all different and i must say its really very slow!! haha! faints! the pick up was slow, the drive wasnt smooth as it needed lotsa power to move, thus i had to step hard on the accelerator and the steering wheel was pretty stiff too! but i didnt have to turn much as the radius is bigger! thank god i didnt have much of a prob with it. but the moving of the furniture and her stuff was indeed very tiring!! adding on that i didnt have enough slp i ended up having a headache and vomitted again at the end of the day. (i always vomit when i have a really terrible headache tt last too long).

The van that i was driving for the day! LOL

its pretty amazing how the 3 of us girls could manage doing all the moving! haha! this only proves one thing! woman can live without man and do wat a man can do! haha! =) Cheerios to all women!! =)

after which, drove the van back and parked it and drive my car back to Bf's place for the night! when i switch over from the van to my car, i suddenly felt that the drive of my car is very smooth! and tts when i suddenly start to appreciate my car! haha! =)

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