Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Demoralizing USM paper!

Demoralizing USM paper!

Just had my USM (Understanding Strategic Management) Paper just now. Its one of the most DEMORALIZING paper of the year! *sulks* Apparently ALL the tips given by the lecturer wasnt tested! And we obviously didnt have enough time! Everyone came out of the exam hall looking very demoralized, gloomy and VERY furious!!

sigh... all our hardwork and effort didnt paid off at all! ARGH!

All i can hope and pray for now is that everyone else did badly and thus the results would be moderated. I can only hope for a pass now. Sigh. =( Oh God im really in need of your help and blessings! Amen!

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lunaticg said...

God bless you!

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