Saturday, February 7, 2009

Loving Saturdays! Parkview Square & The Loof! (Part 1)

Loving Saturdays! (Part 1) Parkview Square

woke up early in the morning at bout 7am as he had to go to Raffles Medical yet again for another blood test. after which we went to have breakfast at Bugis area while waiting for his test report.

at Raffles Medical

Before heading for breakfast an interesting building caught our sight and we just had to go in! It was Parkview Square! we went over and took quite a no. of pictures of the building structure, its statues and practically the whole area except the inside of the building, which i suppose are offices. It supposedly one of Singapore's most expensive office building! the photo taking was so fun as we tried to imitate some of the poses of the statues. it was so much fun to the point we almost forgotten we haven't had breakfast! imagine 2 very slpy looking people running ard to tk photo VERY early in the morning at bout 8+am!


we then head down to Bugis area and ate vegetarian food for breakfast, as it was still early we went to Bugis street to walk. There aint many shops open yet as its still pretty early. so we just went into those that were opened at that hour, mostly food stores and souvenier stores. we acted very tourist that whole morning! taking photos, going into tourist areas and i even bought a very nice bracelet early in the morning! haha! after which we head back to get his medical report and thank god his heartbeat and heart enzymnes are finally normal! =) no more visits to Raffles Medical for the time being!

Our Breakfast!

to be continued in Loving Saturdays! (Part 2) The Loof!

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