Monday, January 19, 2009

Feeling so broke now after a very Expensive trip to the salon!

Feeling so broke now after a very expensive trip to the salon!

went to work today as usual, took time off from work and went to Needs Salon located near my office area. was suppose to leave office at 3.30, but i was simply too busy and only manage to leave at 4.30. went there with an intention to only do a soft rebonding and colouring, which would add up to about close to $200. But the weak willed me ended up being persuaded to do a better hair colouring service, a gd treatment, buying some hair tonic, shampoo and conditioner, etc., and i came out feeling $500 poorer! =( *sulks* more than 2X my initial budget. Sigh.. i realise this happens all the time! everytime i go to the salon i come out feeling so much poorer! probably thats y i have a lil phobia of going to the salon and ended only going once in a very long while when i feel my hair is really in need of some attention.

the hair stylist even tried to get me to sign up for thier member which would require me to pa another $900 or so. faints~ if i did i would probably come out feeling $1k+ poorer~ thank god i manage to push that away! i mean its really worth is if i were to always go back to them for hair services. but i have a bad habit. i HARDLY go back to the same salon more than twice! and i only go to the salon once in a few mths! so tinking about it i dont feel its worth it at all! i even sign up for the Chapter2 Loyalty card and ended up not using it at all! super waste of money! sigh...i better start saving up and stop spending. else im really gonna be so broke. =( my initial plans and budget for some other stuff i have in mind has reduced and i am now tinking twice about getting them for now. guess i'll have to hold back plans. =(

My "expensive" hair! -.-"

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