Sunday, January 11, 2009

colleagues ≠ friends

colleague ≠ friends

after years of working since i stepped into the working society at the age of 17+, i came to finally realise and believe those who've told and warned me about colleagues..

- colleagues can nv be true friends, unless you're really lucky to meet someone really nice..
- these pple can be a gd friend if you're not working with them, but if you're working with them, they can be your worse enemy..
- never tell or say too much to them, as you'll nv know when they'll backstab or betray you...
- most of the time they are 2headed snakes..
- you wont know who are really sincere and nice, as when something does crop up they may just turn their backs on you and suddenly change into another person..

thru these years, i realised im getting quieter and quieter in office, probably cuz i no longer trust anyone easily and thus makes me not wanna talk most of the time to most people ard me, or even b close to them.. but its also due to these that im starting to dread going to work more n i feel so lonely and outcasted at work... sigh....

well with all tt said...i must say tat i did meet some nice colleagues and ex colleagues whom im grateful for...namely, Ashley, MingYueh, Yingting and probably a few others...but i guess usually we'll only know who are true if we were to still keep in contact after we leave the organisation and still be friends.. so at the end of the day, i would still conclude that colleague ≠ friends

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