Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Exams are FINALLY over!~ (for now at least)

Exams are FINALLY over!~ (for now at least)

weeeeeeeeee~ ytd's paper(MEB-Macroeconomics environment of Business) was a tough nut again! we've all speculated wrongly this time. sigh. wished i had followed Jeffrey to go tk MC! sigh~ well...wats done is done. not gonna tink about it!

after the paper went to Orchard to have Swensons for lunch with Grace, Alan, XueLing, CaiYan, Mike, ZhenHan, Jamie and Cindy! after lunch, we went for ktv session at partyworld. After that rush home to open the door for Daddy as he forgotten to bring his keys and also to feed Muffin before bring him for a walk and to go pay my bills. after that received a call from Baby! =)

the ladies~

It was really last min, and i was so happy to hear from him! hehe. so he came down and pick me up and we went back to his place for dinner. after dinner watched tv and i concused to dreamland shortly after as i was really drained out!

This morning woke up and prep, had breakfast and i went to work with Baby. upon reaching he headed to his office while i head to tk a train to my office. ended up reaching office very early..and i'm still feeling so tired~ the lack of slp over the wks have start to tk its toll on me! *yawns* i better get back to work le...very busy day~ will upload the photos soon~ =)

Muffin with his new hair cut after his latest grooming on sunday at NuPets! :) he looks so small size now` its as if he shrank! LOL~ and my bro says he looks like a lil sheep now! haha! his fur is only 1inch now! so cute! at least now he doesnt look messy and his features are much more well-defined! hees`..=D

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