Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the blindmouse has gotten new pair of specs!

the blindmouse has gotten new pair of specs! weeeeee~

as mentioned, i dropped my red specs into the sea! miss it alot! but old ones dont go, new ones cant come...hehe! so yesterday as my eye infection have gotten worse, i went to see the doct and was given 2 days MC. he wanted to give me 3 days, but end up didnt cuz he's afraid my boss will kill him! haha~ well as i couldnt wear my lens due to the eye infection, i had to navigate myself ard blindly~ before heading to sch, i head down to Suntec, Jolly Care Vision to get a new pair of specs~ this time, i got a black frame with white sides~ and sadly after testing, found out that my shortsightedness have gotten worse~ =( *sulks* and my new pair of specs cost me $258! faints..feel so broke now~ cuz i gotten the Teflon multicoated lens~ apparently its really gd~ doesnt reflect tt much light esp when taking photos with flash, plus even when there are fingerprints, stains or a permanent marker were to draw over it, it can be easily clean off without smudging! therefore i decided to go with it instead of the normal lens~

after that i blindly go to sch~ but its quite a wasted trip to sch as i couldnt see anything that the lecturer was writing on the board~ and therefore couldnt absorb much either. -.-"

anyway, today went down to collect my specs~ weeeeeee~ finally i can see again! haha! and tmr gotta get back to work le..sigh`..

my new specs~
with my new specs~

the seashells collected from PulauHantu
the saga seeds collected at PulauHantu which i've placed in the heartshape box that baby gotten for me a few mths back! =)
the beautiful Gemstone earring and cute elephant that Darren gotten for me from his Thailand trip! =)
my new bedroom slippers that my blood bro gotten for me from his Macau trip! =)

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