Thursday, November 6, 2008

headaches, migraine and insomnias..

headaches, migraine and insomnias..

been feeling terrible as of late. all the stress has been piling and it affecting my health pretty badly. its all coming again...the headaches, migraines and insomnias... its really bad.... and now i have to be on muscle relaxants to help me slp...and a strong dosage of pain reliever to ease my pain and aches... sigh.. my world is almost upside down now..nothing is going well... i dread waking up every morning and dragging myself back to hell.. sigh. total torturement.

anyway with all tt negative stuff in mind. im really grateful for the few pple who were really nice and actually does care about my existence... namely, Mike, YingTing, Shiwei, Elmer, and a few others. And also thanks to those who have gone thru my session of ranting and complaining.. thanks for lending your listening ears.. and i also wanna thank Baby for a lil something that he's given me. [ gift from baby ] =) *hugs*

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