Friday, November 21, 2008

counting down 3 days to the official start of my exams!

counting down 3 days to the official start of my exams!

i seriously dont know if my preparation is sufficient or not. seeing my hardworking buddies ard me, i feel so stresss! but yet i feel the stress aint enough to generate my sense of urgency! which is really bad! cuz im usually the most productive when i feel the sense of urgency! sighh~ as each semester past, my sense of urgency comes later and later..i become more n more distracted and slack as compared to yr 1! i feel my stamina dropping, and thats seriously terrible! i've got 1 more yr ahead of me, and Yr 3 is the most crucial of all 3 yrs..i better get back on track soon~

with that said, just a lil update, last sat and sunday went to KAP to study as usual..monday after work, went to Changi Airport T2 with Alan, Mike, Jeff and Kelvin to study for a change. Tuesday studied at home.

yawns.. feeling zombified. today, tmr and sunday would be more intensive mugging! stress~ and im seriously worn out!

anyway with all tt said..i've got bad news to share too...Baby's grandpa just passed on a few days back...sigh...feeling pretty sad bout it.... life's unpredictable! but i guess tts life...people come and go...i nv know when my turn is either... so better treasure life and always life it to the everyday like it'll be the last! =)

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