Friday, October 31, 2008

on the verge to insanity~

on the verge to insanity~

been feeling very very stressed up ever since i came back from Taiwan. Stresses coming from every aspects, mainly Work and Studies. work has been piling up with lotsa datelines to meet, alrdy feeling pretty lonely and remote from my colleagues which is alrdy making me feel pretty awful, i still get lotsa unnecessary and unreasonable scoldings which obviously worsen the way i feel...aside from that, my exams are nearing..less than a month to fact in 2 wks time im gotta be taking my supp paper, which im totally clueless about...sigh`...close to a state of major depression and on the verge to insanity.. with that, i've made up my mind on a huge decision that i'll be making very soon...i wont be disclosing that right now...but i'll fill that in here once its done..i've reached my tolerance level..and im pretty sure that if i were to hold on any longer, the nxt time u guys meet me would probably be in mental brking down.........

and i need a HUG....a tight one...really badly........

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