Friday, October 24, 2008

counting down 21hrs to taiwan!~

counting down 21hrs to taiwan!~

yeah~ finally! the long awaited trip is just tmr~ so excited since its my first time there! hehe! looking forward to buying many many stuff back~ especially for Muffin, since i've heard pple saying theres many cute doggy stuff there~! hehe!

well...i know the economy is really bad right now, and i know recession is coming...but i'll let myself down if i dont intend to spend much at taiwan yea? hehe!

sadly my taiwan trip will clash with my lil bro's bday tis cant get to sorry bro! promise i'll get some nice and neat stuff back for u! hehe! and hope u like the psp i got for your bday, though the buying process went thru so many problems~ but glad now its ok! hehe! study hard for ur exams!! once your A'lvls are over, you can play til u drop!! hehe! god bless and all the best for ur exams!! i know you will do well! hehe! =)

i'll definately miss my darling muffin, baby and family during these 5 days~ and i hope they'll miss me too! haha! =P

more updates when im back!! weeeeeeeeee~

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