Wednesday, September 3, 2008

loves retail therapy~

loves retail therapy~

been feeling down lately..and i must say retail therapy really works wonders!

after a long long day at work..went to Far East plaza with darling Cynthia! Its been ages since i stepped in there~ nth much changed though..went to Long John to haf a quick dinner before we start our retail therapy~ spend quite a long time in each shop..end up we could only comb the first level and only certain shops on the third level..haha..and everytime i shop with her, i never fail to end up going home with "da bao xiao bao" (big bags small bags)...and i always spend 2times the amount she spend...faints! feeling so broke~ total dmg is least i tink its pretty worth it since i enjoyed myself and it brightened my day and free me from stress..hehe..bought 3 dresses, 1 heels, 1 flats, 1 sling bag... am pretty satisfied with everything i bought today except 1 dress..which i couldnt try but ended up buying and regretting..well..its nice..but im too fat for it~ i would look really pretty if im slimmer~ sighh..guess i'll have to let it go..shall post up the pict of it soon...totally new and not worn or washed..hopefully some of u may like it..=) bought the slingbag though its really very normal looking..cuz its mainly for the purpose of bringing muffin out..would be convenient for me to carry a sling bag which is big enough to put his stuff and my stuff in..=) plus i'll be using it for my upcoming taiwan trip~ weee! love the black dress i got..would likely be wearing it on my bday..unless i find something else within this time~ and i got another cute dress just for fun.. haha! love the heels i got too..very comfy and light weight..therefore would be gd even if for long walks..though its pretty high and the main design is pretty simple~ but the heel part is really nice! hehe! and i got the flats for fun too..haha~

pretty lazy to post up i guess will haf to wait til i wear them and tk photos with them on..hehe~

looking forward to another retail therapy session with my other darling, Simin this friday! weeee~

sinful treats~ yummylicious donuts! bought by my colleague Silvester~ love donuts!~! hees`..

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