Friday, September 19, 2008



sigh..this has been going on for awhile...and its really throat is just so itchy! i've alrdy finished my medicine~ but yet i've not fully recovered. duhz~

anyway..i feel so blessed~ hehe! even after my actual bday is still receiving presents! LOL! belated present to be exact...but just feel so happy whenever i receive them ya..=D

some of the belated bday items i just gotten~
-a beautifully handmade card and bag from a colleague, Linda.
-a big big
Piglet from SoonShin.
precious moment angel banker from my dearest godsis, Mingyueh.
-a halterneck
dress from Xiuhui
-a cute bday
card and capital land vouchers from my company.


some of the gifts i've received this year~ (arranged in random order.)
-Muffin! from my beloved Baby!
Gold Key pendant from my dearest Mum!
21st Bday Lunch with my family&relatives, arranged&paid by my Daddy dearest!
handmade photoframe from my dearest lil Bro!
CarloRino handbag from JessieLim
PoloRalph hangbag from JessieSng
Coach wristlet from Linda, Simin, Yvonne
DKNY Red Delicious from Winston
Guess perfume from Allan&WeiZhen, and Cynthia,Dawn,Diana,SiewLing,James
Gucci Perfume from Cassandra and Yingting
3 Tigger Plushies from Elmer
-3btls of
Wine from Enal and AhLow
Singtel cash vouchers from my MDIS classmates (Kelvin, Jerrain, Sebas, Alan, Jeffrey, Alex, Glenn, Zhenhan, Grace, Xueling, Jamie, Caiyan)(knowing tt i need a new hp badly since my current one is dying on me..thks peeps! really sweet and greatly appreciated!)
-a very Good
Book and pretty handmade card from Mike korkor
Maltese book and necklace from Darren, Shirlynn, Qiuhen, SingGen
White bag and White top from Uncle Andrew, Aunty Doreen, Brenda and Eunice
handmade card and angbao from June
-really sweet knitted
plushie, necklace and handmade card from Qihui and Cecilia
angbaos from my aunts and uncles
necklace and playboy bday card from Yongquan and Shaowei
pink angel doggy banker, vouchers and card from Kejun and Zhenhui
MoshiMoshi necklace from Andre and Aloysius
-nice black
spag top and cutie hp charm from my dearest cousin Ying
chalet room from my bf's friends
-cool sofa shaped
jewellary box and earring stand from LianSee and Sly
cup from Aaron
necklace from Carrie and Susan

Cheers to 21st bdays~ hehe! all of you just made me feel so LOVED! =D

(***btw, i'm not trying to show-off here if some of you may alrdy be thinking. i'm just trying to tell you guys tt i really appreciated each and everything given to me, and i wanna remember these people who've given me these lovely presents! a million thanks! you've all made me a very happy girl!!)

anyway just now after work went home...and Baby came over to my place with my sunblock i'll be needing them for tmr's big event! and some people in the petschannel forum have organised a Maltese gathering held at Sentosa~ weeee~ shall update more on this in my next post..back to point..he even brought me a lil gift! hehe~ i then helped baby to scan some stuff..after which we head down to Bedok for dinner. Ate kwaychap, as baby had cravings for it. After which we went grocery shopping. went to buy my brownie mix for tmr's event, some apples, lettuce and baby's hairspray...after walking ard for some time, he send me home le.

the lil gift from Baby! simple yet so SWEET~ *heartsBaby*

upon reaching home, rested for awhile and played with Muffin, before i start baking my brownie! well..its not the first time i've baked it. but its definately the first time im doing it for a event, which would require it to be bigger than the usual ones i do.. therefore my estimation went kinda off...sighh....abit of a failure...cant taste it gotta wait til tmr before i can tell if its ok or gonna go prep my stuff for tmr~ ciao for now! =D

*crosses fingers and prays hard for good weather tmr!*

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