Thursday, August 14, 2008

silly haircut!

silly haircut!

ytd after work went to BoonKeng to meet baby for dinner..after which we BOTH went for a haircut..well..his hair turn out short but yet neat smart and nice...and mine looks VERY SILLY! yea..tts the word to describe..faints...kinda regretted cutting it now..sighh...dumb dumb hairdresser nv asked properly or listen properly to instructions den just cut as he wishes...faints...its just 1 more mth til my bday..hopefully my hair will grow slightly more by then! i dont wish to look like some ah gong during my bday la~ sobs sobs~ wanna cry le!~ "mei lian jian ren le~" anyone haf a wig to lend me?

Baby kept laughing thruout our journey home..faints..thank god he's not gonna mind bout the hair since i went with him..haha! and he oso commented tt lucky this time i've loss some weight and my face ain't that round like in the past...else i'll definately look like some fishball again~ argh~

God save me~ Please let my hair grow faster!~

Before cutting
After cutting. *pout*

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