Thursday, August 28, 2008

rainy days~ deathrace~

rainy days~

its been raining these days...feeling so cold everyday~ many people are getting sick as well..including me...sighh..well went to see the doct a few days back..and the doctor gave me 5 diff medicines~ faints!

anyway, ytd after work, went down to Marina Sq to meet Baby! went there to catch the movie "DeathRace" was suppose to start at 7.10..but as we're still early..we went shopping...and a black dress from Topshop caught our eyes! i so wanna get that~ but pretty pricey~ and im tight on my budget these days~ so i decide to think about it first~ we then proceed to watch the show..and guess wat...waited in the threatre til 7.30 to then we had already finished our jumbo hotdogs and 3/4 thru our popcorns! LOL!! and the screen was still blank! faints...end up they announced hat there is a technical error and are fixing it at the moment..haha~ 1 couple was so pissed that they stomped out of the threatre! hahaha! first time i encounter such thing ya..anyway the show did went on after that..and i felt the show was really gd! just some part pretty gruesome~ haha..that aside..i would rate it 4/5 popcorns! after the show..we were all given complimentery tickets~ weeee!~ haha!

i dont even know if we're considered unlucky or lucky in this case...but anyway..i would say its a gd thing! hehe!

was super tired after the show..and right after the show, baby send me home and i washed up and knocked out to slp right after! haha! probably cuz i slept too early..end up i woke up at 12+ and it took me quite awhile before i finally doze off again..

woke up this morning..and it was super cold~ almost didnt wanna get up...but i eventually did..i twas pouring outside again..and silly me forgotten to take the umbrella again...end up i had to run thru the rain and get to work slightly drenched..BbBbbbRrrRrrr....COLD~

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