Monday, August 4, 2008

its a bad day`..

its a bad day`..

i've reached my tolerance limit. i've had ENOUGH.

I hate to be blamed for things which is not my fault. I hate to be accused when i clearly remembered what i said or done. I hate to be the middle person. I hate rigid people and environment. I hate to be pushed around. I hate nonsensical and ridiculous people. I hate unreasonable people. I hate being treated like an octopus or robot when im without a doubt HUMAN.

I've got feelings. I've got ONLY a pair of hands. I'm not not be pushed around and bullied like the others. I'm not as stupid or forgetful as you think i am. Im HUMAN.

Dont push me around like im some kiddo. Dont shout at me when its clearly your fault!. DONT accuse me of not informing or telling you things when i clearly did and i even went to the extend of putting a post-it note sticked on it to remind you in case YOU FORGOT! (which u obviously eventually did and was even so BLIND to not see the BLOODY NOTE ON IT!) and STILL dare to SHOUT at me to say i didnt inform you and you didnt see it at all! thats obviously VERY lame!

I can be nice. I can be smiling all the time. But dont treat me like a fool! I've got my limits too.

And today, you've officially surpass that limit and stepped on my tail.

Watch me. I can be a devil too.

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