Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our first Anniversary!

Our first Anniversary together, though nothing fantastic..but definately feeling sweet!

Well..woke up in the morning and though im really busy with my exam preparations...i decided to do up something for my dear boy since i dont have time to go shopping or do anything too extravagant...not gonna post the full picture of it..but i did place a small lil snap of it in the picture above! =)

after doing so, rushed down to meet Kelvin, Alex and Jeffrey at Tea Garden McDonalds to study...we've decided to change a new study spot to see if its more condusive to study in as compared to KAP..

studied til bout 7pm before we decided to go to Holland Kopitiam for dinner..packeted dinner back for mummy..therefore after dinner i went back home..placed mummy's dinner on the dining table and i took Muffin out with me..went to Starbucks at Siglap to get a slice of Oreo Cheesecake and headed down to Baby's place to surprise him! hehe~

as we're both having exams now and am very busy..we almost couldn't even see each other on this special day..but yeap..eventually we did! and im really happy bout it! the effort and time sacrificed is all worthwhile! =)

Shared the lovely slice of cake..spend a lil time with him..some hugs and kisses..and im already feeling very happy and satisfied.. though the time is really short...but its indeed sweet, warm, fulfilling, happy and satisfying! =)

Love ya my Dearie Boy!

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