Friday, June 6, 2008

Results are out. Sigh. Disappointed.

Results are out. Sigh. Disappointed.

my exams results for my last semester is out. and i would say its totally crap. totally disappointing. i've not been more disappointed in myself thruout this whole degree. and last sem was the worse. though there isnt any failures and i passed every paper...but its still my very First D grade throughout my 1 and a half yrs thru this degree. sigh.

Financial Management - 50 (C)
Marketing Management System - 52 (C)
Economics of Industry - 66 (B)
Accounting and Corporate Governance - 47 (D)

this is so super UNglam. hesitated for a long time whether to publish this. but in the end i decided to do so, to remind myself of how badly i had done! =( I really need to work doubly hard for this upcoming exams!! *sighh* in a depressed mode now..

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