Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my adorable lil one!

my adorable lil one!


haa...dont my precious lil muffin look adorable! haha...yea..tried dressing him up in 3 different set of clothes..i've a few more set..but i'll try them out some other day..hehe!

anyway...ytd night after work..brought Muffin over to Baby's place as his 3 nieces wanted to play with him..turn out Muffin got a lil way too hyper and couldnt get to slp...turned out he kept waking me and baby up in the middle of the night at 1+, 3+ and 5+...faints..and poor baby and i were like super duper tired in the at 5+ i decided to go home so tt baby could get a lil more rest before he goes to work for training..while i went home to feed muffin and got my short nap too..

as i was really super tired..i end up forgetting to bring my hp to work once again! usual..i felt empty the whole day without my hp til i got home...

anyway i better get back to my revision..exams are nearing..stresss!!

and Happy birthday to Baby's bro, James! =D

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