Monday, June 23, 2008

exhausted. (dinner at Nihon Mura)(birthday, farewell, wedding, muffin)


feeling so exhausted these days...and i dun really know why...i believe i've had sufficient slp..but still....oh well..probably due to my work and exams stress...

anyway...friday night..after work..rush over to meet Baby at Kallang, before we head to Tampines to have our dinner at Nihon Mura..dinner was yummy! after dinner, we went to Tampines mall to get a bday cake for Adrian and went to back to my place to get Muffin before going back to his place..

the restaurant's banner!
Adi's farewell/last day in RSA!!

saturday morning woke up and we went ard in search for a pet groomer wanting to get Muffin groomed..but every groomer we went to were fully booked...therefore we gave up and went to Subway at ECP for breakfast and walk Muffin a little before we head back home to study and rest...and in the evening...many people came over to Baby's place as we'll be having a BBQ Bday party for Adrian..didnt know y i was so tired...but halfway thru the party i brought Muffin who was also very tired back to the room and we knocked out to slp right away...haha! the party went on without me...and after which they went out..while i was at home slping with Muffin...

the guys..and tts baby with the bday boy, Adrian!

on sunday..woke up and realise it was raining pretty heavily..therefore waited for the rain to stop and watch tv...til the rain subsided, baby send me home..and i bathed Muffin and myself and prep to go to Faizah's wedding..after the wedding, i went to KAP to meet my study group to continue our bout 8+, we left and i head over to Baby's place...

photos taken at the wedding..and tts me and my 2 darlings with our lollipop!

today morning, woke up feeling very tired...was kinda reluctant to get up..but in the end i forced myself to do so and drove myself home to bath, prep and played with Muffin before draging myself to work..

anyway...i better get back to tired...tonight still gotta go sch...doh~

some random picts of Muffin!
he's just so adorable even when he's slping! he's hugging his lil bunny!
Muffin and me!
haa..testing out on how Muffin would look with his hair tied up! =p

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