Tuesday, April 22, 2008

im sick once again~

im sick once again~

[tuning to: Olivia - L-O-V-E]

pple u guys should go listen to Olivia's song! very nice! especially her Bossa Nova album! recently im in love with classical and bossa nova song~ very soothing to the ears ya..=)

anyway as my header says..i've feel sick once again..in fact many pple are falling sick recently...probably due to the horrible weather! down with a very terrible flu, headache, fever and many body aches..terrible..i feel old! gosh...to tink i've yet to even hit 21!!

oh my.. recently im very affected by the saying that "when ladies turn 21yrs old, they start to depreciate in value!"..so scary...in another few mths..i'll be turning 21! oh my..i dont wish to depreciate in value! cuz tt would mean..more anti-aging cream, anti wrinkle cream, moisturiser, eye cream, skin firming cream, facials or worst case scenerio, BOTOX! faints...honestly im afraid to start aging! i've actually placed this saying in my msn nick a couple of days back..and haf recieved many different replies...some says it isnt true~ but there are still pple who agrees to it... well..i dont know for sure if those who had agreed are just trying to make me worry or whether they truly agree with it...but it still scares me nonetheless! i better start doing something bout my face soon~

anyway i've added a really cute thingy to my blog..notice the 3 man just below my tagboard! try to move your mouse over the different parts of the body of the man...lol.. NEAT! haaa~ with credits and thanks to Mr Peanut for sharing it with me! enjoy~

i'm gonna go get my medication and haf more rest for now~ ciao pple~

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