Friday, April 11, 2008

Fed up with my Lappy!

Fed up with my Lappy!

last night i finally reformatted my lappy! after tolerating it for a couple of weeks! it had slowed down to a point where i was so frustrated and almost smashed it! checked the processes and found many unknown wierd program running...tried ending those processes but within seconds..everything popped back up...must be those malicious spywares and viruses~ argh~ therfore i finally decided to reformat it~ plus the fact that there are too many programs in it which left my hard disk with only 300+MB of memory...faints`...

i tot after i reformat everything would be solved...but turn out i tink there something wrong with either the registry keys or some dumb dumb i cant get online! my wireless keeps prompting "Limited or No Connectivity"..duh! tried solving the prob myself til 3+am before i gave up and went to slp...tired fixing the winsock but didnt help at all! =( this morning tried it out again...but failed...sigh...fed up~!~

looks like i have to give up and use my last resort~ my Mr IT-savy BF! haa`.. will get him to check my lappy later~

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