Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a bad day at work and the first time my blog was locked!

a bad day at work and the first time my blog was locked!

[tuning to: 插肩而过- 李圣杰]

thank god i checked my email today and received a notice from blogger that my blog is locked due to some spam thingy..faints.. else if i had not had replied to it, my blog would have been deleted! this whole afternoon when i my mood was freaking when i found out that i blog was locked..i was super pissed! i couldnt even blog and rant my anger out la! as i cant publish anything til its reviewed by blogger and unlocked..

its been a horrendous day at work today...been so busy running ard...and changing this and that..and getting many calls and scoldings and complains...duh..many things went hay-wire..and i shall nt elaborate further...crap! but thank god as the day is about to end...everything was more or less solved...but still i had many things to do..its been quite some time since i stayed later than 6 in office..and today stayed til 6.30 before rushing everything and went could have been later..but i decided to leave it til tmr~ haa...

upon reaching home..had my cereals for dinner..and am now waiting for the food to digest a little before i head out for my jog..getting round these days..i really need to jog badly! haa`..

ciao for now~ and hope my blog dun get locked again! this is not a spam blog!~!~ =p

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