Monday, February 11, 2008

feeling worn out~ CNY~

feeling worn out~

[tuning to: big girls dont cry]

2nd day of CNY, friday, 8feb08, woken up by my mum early in the morning...went to my granduncle's place visiting...after which to my grandaunt's place..and on to my aunt's place..and later at night baby came over to my place to 'bai nian'..and after tt we went out to meet Adrian, Phyllis, Aaron, JiaLiang and Jiabao for Ktv at Partyworld ShentonWay..


3rd day, saturday, 9feb08, woke up and prep..and went to baby's bro's place..after which we went to Loyang temple to pray...send his mum back home and we went to Serangoon to meet, Adrian, Phyllis, Jiabao, JiaLiang, JunHao, another Jialiang and his gf..and went to 'Lou Hei' and had dinner...followed by Mahjong Session til morning~ haa`..


4thday, sunday, 10feb08, woken up early by his mum, prep and we went to his ahgong's place to 'bai nian'..his aunts and relatives were mostly there...stress~ had lunch and after which we left with his bro and sis-in-law to his sister's place..stayed there for awhile bfore baby and i left to my aunt's place for awhile...before heading down to Sentosa's One Degree 15 to meet his mum, bro, sis and relatives for a so-called reunion dinner at Imperial Kitchen.. its the first time i've been to tt place...and its really very nice~ especially the pool and scenery~ its almost like the yatch club, only slightly smaller and nicer~ =)

One Degree 15~
Imperial Kitchen~ i love the lighting and the layout~ This is only our private room.. the rest of the place looks as fantastic too.. =)

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