Wednesday, January 23, 2008



its been sometime since i last went yesterday after work, went to Bugis with shop for some CNY clothes...

Total Damage:
princessy tube dress (i love!~)
maybelline XXL mascara
2 tops from bugis village (dirt cheap!)
black skinny jeans
cardigan for my bro
dress/top with cheongsum vibes
eyelash curler
black heels
black slip-ons
good friend's company (priceless!)

i've still got many things that i've yet to buy! didnt have enough time last night..else i would have really gone home with an broken arm! i was literally carrying many big and small plastic bags around and knocking into many people and things..haha`..

shopping list:
hair mask (anyone have any gd ones to recommend?)
contact lens
more clothes~

i'll need to go on another shopping trip again some time soon bfore CNY~ and i'll need to go for massage as well~ my whole body is aching terribly lately~ haa`..think i'm seriously getting old!

anyway...after the long 3hrs of non stop walking ard bugis, shopping, chatting and trying on clothes and shoes...both our legs and arms are almost breaking! we shopped til all the shops closed before we went to get a drink at MOS burger and sat down to chat til it closes before we find another spot to sit and chatted til late and took a cab home...if not for the fact that we both have to work today..i guess we could have chatted til morning~ lol`..

upon reaching home. i just threw everything aside, washed up and knocked out straight! i was simply too worn out~

as for today, after work will be meeting up with bf to watch the show warlords~ as he's just gotten his hands on the show..and i'll be having my piano practice session later too...haa`..

i better get back to work for back again! =D

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