Tuesday, January 15, 2008



its been a couple of sleepless nights.. its now 3.30am.. and im still wide awake here blogging.. well.. at least i've done something constructive! haa.. check out my new banner! =) done by yours truly.. *grins*

this week is gonna be quite a hectic wk again.. monday, tuesday and thurs i'll be having school after work...wed is my 6mths anni with bf.. and friday im still deciding... sat i've to attend simin's 21st bday celebration..and as for sunday..i'll be having my first piano lesson..

i'm pretty exhausted as you can see...in fact my classmates just commented that i look really tired to the point that i seem to be aging really fast...and they said that i look really really worn out in those photos in my previous few post.. *sigh*

i need to regain the energy..but yet i've no appetite to eat much lately...and i just cant seem to slp... i need some slping pills~

anyway..i better try to get some slp now...else i seriously wonder if i have the energy to go to work and sch tmr, or rather.. later....


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