Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i hereby declare today as, HAPPY DAY!

i hereby declare today as, HAPPY DAY!

rejoice~ haa`..

feeling super tired now~ lack of slp and on the constant move~ i've been rushing around non stop~ haa.. my legs and feet needs a gd massage~ haa`..

ytd bfore going to sch..went for dinner at PS and went on a hunt for something i had in mind..turn out i couldnt find it..found many other nice stuff as well..of which some of it i dropped the i've had some bad experience with it..and i'm so afriad it'll happen again..feel its like some curse or something yea..after that, went to sch.. but my whole mind kept thinking bout it.. so during breaktime i rushed out to Cine wanting to get that something [i'll blog bout it only after as for now...just continue guessing..haa`..]...but turn out its closed! and end up i had to rush down to suntec as i worry its closed too...thanks god its still opened when i it done in a rush and rushed back to sch...i did all that in only an hour or so...i was walking at quite an amazing speed~ haa.. and as for today...i had to go collect the stuff as it was pretty late when i reached last night and therefore i could only get it today..during lunch wanted to go get the stuff..but when i called it wasnt ready...end up i had to apply for time-off from work..went down to get it after lunch and rushed back to office!

tts y my feets is hurting terribly~ well.. i just hope all this wont go unappreciated and down the drain...haa`..

anyway gotta get bz le..update again tmr~

well..bfore i end this..just a short msg to my beloved other half..

Happy 6th Monthniversary! time flies..and i know theres still a long way to go.. i just hope we'll stay strong together til the end.. lotsa love`..*hugs*

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