Tuesday, January 8, 2008

gd morning people~

gd morning people~

now in office..quite bz..but yet i feel so distracted...ohwell..anyway.. just a quick update on my wkend..

friday after work..i literally rushed home as i didnt wan baby to wait too long cuz he had knocked off early and will reach my place pretty early too.. and thnk god i manage to get home pretty early and had time to packed up and rest on the couch for awhile while waiting for baby to reach..upon meeting..went to his place to watch movies..and while phyllis and adrian came over..i was resting while baby was talking to them til they left bfore he came back to acc me..

sat, went to ECP to get laksa for breakfast..after which went to Ubi to meet Jenson at the car workshop..after which baby send me to sch for tutorials..and after that he came to pick me up and we went to katong for dinner.. followed by more movies and at night went to pick his dad up before we head back to slp too..

as for sunday, went for breakfast at bedok central with his parents..in the afternoon went to Autobacs and had prata bfore going back..after which went to pick his mum and we went to his aunt's place and to his sis's place til night bfore we went home to haf dinner and rested for awhile bfore he send me home ler..

shall not go too much into every details else you guys will be too bored out to read my blog any further.. haa`..=)

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