Tuesday, January 29, 2008

as loneliness creeps by..

as loneliness creeps by..


had plans to go shopping after work today as i still have many things on my mind tt i've yet to buy..and CNY is approaching pretty soon, leaving me with only a few days left to shop..of which i hardly have any time to do so as my schedule is pretty much packed all the way til after CNY...sighh`..but sad to say...just when i wanna shop..no one ard me, or rather, all my shopping khakis are busy..sighh.. i never like or enjoy shopping alone as it'll be pretty boring.and i tend to be either very impulsive or very indecisive..and i wont have anyone to turn to, to ask for opinion and suggestions.. instead i was asked by some friends to head down to chinatown for ktv session and another group to go chinatown to shop for CNY stuff..

i end up at home instead, as im very tired... cuz if i cant shop, i rather save the energy to rest at home instead..since i dont really have time to really rest properly at home...

its pretty sickening i would say...as in...whenever im FINALLY free...no one that i wanna meet is free...but when my schedule is packed to the point tt i can hardly even breathe properly..everyone ask me out..its like everyone ard me haf the same frequency..while im always out of frequency... sighh`.. its pretty saddening and agonizing whenever i tink bout it..


anyway..wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to Glenn for the 2GB SD card that he's bought for me after knowing i lost my sd card the other day.. =)

below are some of the photos from one of my photoshoots last yr at kranji war memorial..realise i've failed to upload them into my blog..well.. i do love them as i feel they're pretty expressive and gothic..have the feel of those 2 pictures above.. thanks to my photographer Glenn and Eric.. =)


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Piano obsessions`..

Piano obsessions`..

[tuning to: stupid for you]

friday night, after work, went to meet my sec sch gd fren...been quite some time since we last met..met up at Heerens, and we walk ard the whole of orchard to hunt for food to eat as everywhere is super packed til we got pretty frustrated..its was til 9+, which is like more den 1 to 2 hrs of walking bfore we finally found a place with little pple to eat...haa`...dinner was very filling and we did lots of catching up and stuff before we finally decided to head down to Vogue, Yvonne's pub, for a drink to chill and continue catching up...apparently i just found out tt he'll be flying over to Taiwan for a yr for work purposes...sigh..another fren out of town...which means 1 less shopping, drinking and chilling khaki...and 1 less listening ear for me...=(

as we grow older...its really true tt the people ard you will be lesser and lesser, and pple will start drifting and disappearing...no matter how close you all may be at a certain point in ur life...you just nv know when this pple will start drifting away and new ones will start to replace them...well..of cuz there'll definately be a handful tt'll stay by ur side thru out the rest of ur life...but for me..sad to say...i dont really have any one whom i consider truly close anymore... well tts life..and i've learnt to accept it and live with it...the only people in ur life that'll always stay true to u will be your family....therefore, it's really wise to start thinking and caring more about ur family if you haven started doing so....=)


ok..back to friday, while drinking halfway...was approached by the table of pple beside us..whom i later found out are my bf's frens..haa`..wat a small world...so we ended up talking and joining tables and drinking together...haa`.. been a long time since i actually last went drinking and had fun..so i ended up leaving quite late and reaching home VERY late...

as for sat...was awaken by a call from Mr Bf...chatted with him for awhile before we hung up and i went to bath and prep for school...went to sch from 1.30 til 6pm...super worn out~ considering tt i had super insufficient slp~ thankfully i didnt have any hangovers at all~ haa`.. but i was simply to tired to concentrate in class...plus the lesson was SUPER UBER boring~ faint..i ended up dozing off a couple of times..and was talking n crapping with mike...lesson ended pretty early..about 5.15..and Sebas, Jerrain, Jenny, Mike and me, headed down to Bugis together to walk ard and shopped~ went to the arcade for awhile as Jerrain and Sebas wanted to play Silent Hill..haa`..so Mike and me ended up at the Bearcatching section~ wahaha...and as some of you may know..i'm VERY persistent the moment i start TRYing to catch a bear until i actially caught one...lol..so yeap...i did catch a Minnie mouse~ hehe..with the help of Mike too~ hees`..thanks Mike~ for the effort and tokens tt u chipped in to help me accomplish my mission~ hees`.. =D and after that we walked, shopped and i hunt for a gift for my godsis...but tt mission failed as i couldnt find anything tt i feel would suit her..sad case...we soon left and i head home to put my stuff and changed bfore heading down to ECP to meet Mr Bf and Sylvia..had our dinner and scrolled ard to Bedok Jetty and other part of East Coast to enjoy the breeze, listen to the sea waves, star gazed and simply chatted til 2ish am before we send Sylvia home and head home ourselves too..

the new edition to my family of plushies~=D they're my lovelies~ haa..

as for today.. woke up, had Macdonald breakfast...after which accompanied bf to his bro's place to do some stuff..and then went to Bedok to get his haircut...thank god i've done mine..else now haircutting and everything have increased ALOT~ scary..its so expensive~ plus i have long hair..it would cost me even more~ faints`.. well.. after tt went back to his place..he rested while i was practicing on the piano before we went to his sis's place for my piano lesson...after which had dinner at his sis's place before we went home to watch 'Untraceable' and he send me home soon after.. feeling super tired..so i guess i'll try to force myself to slp after this post.. =)


btw..i'm seriously gonna get a piano very soon~ weee~ haa`...cant wait to get it ya...my hobbies are all starting to get expensive...and my poor guitar is at home rotting...reasons being, it hurts my fingers too badly..haa`..guess i'll pick it up again when i have more time (sry mike~ promise i'll learn it when i do have more time on hand yea~)..as for now..i'll concentrate on my piano lessons first~ =D nitey to all~


Wednesday, January 23, 2008



its been sometime since i last went shopping...so yesterday after work, went to Bugis with Cynthia..to shop for some CNY clothes...

Total Damage:
princessy tube dress (i love!~)
maybelline XXL mascara
2 tops from bugis village (dirt cheap!)
black skinny jeans
cardigan for my bro
dress/top with cheongsum vibes
eyelash curler
black heels
black slip-ons
good friend's company (priceless!)

i've still got many things that i've yet to buy! didnt have enough time last night..else i would have really gone home with an broken arm! i was literally carrying many big and small plastic bags around and knocking into many people and things..haha`..

shopping list:
hair mask (anyone have any gd ones to recommend?)
contact lens
more clothes~

i'll need to go on another shopping trip again some time soon bfore CNY~ and i'll need to go for massage as well~ my whole body is aching terribly lately~ haa`..think i'm seriously getting old!

anyway...after the long 3hrs of non stop walking ard bugis, shopping, chatting and trying on clothes and shoes...both our legs and arms are almost breaking! we shopped til all the shops closed before we went to get a drink at MOS burger and sat down to chat til it closes before we find another spot to sit and chatted til late and took a cab home...if not for the fact that we both have to work today..i guess we could have chatted til morning~ lol`..

upon reaching home. i just threw everything aside, washed up and knocked out straight! i was simply too worn out~

as for today, after work will be meeting up with bf to watch the show warlords~ as he's just gotten his hands on the show..and i'll be having my piano practice session later too...haa`..

i better get back to work for now...be back again! =D

Monday, January 21, 2008

Stupid for You! (and Scientific Breakthrought bout Camomile Tea)

Stupid for You

It's not everyday
That I meet a person quite like you
Perfect every way
I finally found the nerve to confess that it's you - that I want
I don't care if I act a fool
I would damn near beg for you!
Put aside, all my pride
So don't keep me hanging here
Cause this girl is falling stupid for you..
stupid for you..

The proper thing to do
Is for me to act like a lady and
wait for you to make the first move but I don't think you're getting the point
That it's you - that I want
I don't care if I act a fool
I would damn near beg for you
Put aside, all my pride
So don't keep me hanging here
Cause this girl is falling stupid for you
Oh, Oh, Stupid for you..

Why's it always feel like I am
chasing love when nothing's there
And here I go just making the same mistakes...

I've fallen stupid for you..
oh, oh stupid for you..
oh, oh, oh, oh

above is a song tts introduced to me by Mike, that im kinda addicted to recently..its composed and sang by Marie Digby.. its quite a nice song .. beside..she is pretty and talented as well~ respect and envy~ i so wanna emulate her~

check it out at youtube! =) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqzLclWPY_w

well..anyway, i've also upload this to my Imeem, so you guys should be able to hear it on my blog =)

anyway just something to share...recently theres a scientific breakthrough that prolong usage of Camomile tea can prevent cancer and tumors...and it will help cure bad breath, cure flu and throat infection...it can also help cure insomnia and any ulcer that may be growing in your body..beside all this...it also contains volatile oils that can help cure acnes and other skin problems and the 2nd thing it contains is flavonoaid that helps heal the body....recently a lot of news coverage on it ..which have cause many people to be excited about it ya...so why not lets join in the excitement and start adding Camomile tea to our diet~ =D



[tuning to: marie digby - stupid for you]

friday, was suppose to meet cynthia to go shopping after work as baby had initial plans to meet his frens..but turn out he wasnt feeling well and therefore i decided to skip my shopping trip since baby is able to meet me..[sorry sweetie! shall arrange another day to shop k! =)]rushed home after work and prep some stuff..and waited for him to come over..he came over and picked me up and we went back to his place for dinner..after which later at night, we went to Chinatown to meet Adrian, Phylis, Celina, her bf, Jiabao and Jialiang..walked ard chinatown and later on went to a coffee shop at Bencoolen street for supper and chatted for quite some time bfore we finally made our ways home..

saturday, woke up pretty late as we slept very late..had our brunch..and watch tv, Friends, and 30nights of day and simply rotted at home..we even had out first mask session together~ haa.. but i dont tink i'll upload the fotos though i almost did..haa..afriad that baby wont be too happy bout it.. haa`..=p but trust me..we dont look fantastic...haa...but nonetheless fun..and the feeling is just so nice and sweet to be able to do such stuff together with your love ones...hees`..rested til night, bfore we head down to NSRCC(National Service Resort and Country Club) at Changi for Simin's 21st bday celebration..many of my other sec sch classmates were there too..and its really great seeing them after so long..=) only prob is...kinda communication gap now..most of them are still pretty close and had lots to catch up and talk bout...but i feel kinda left out...feel a communication barrier from the rest...im not too sure why either...but well..=( right after she cut her cake..we left..as baby was pretty bored..and i didnt want him to feel too left out..so yea..we left and went back home to continue watching Friends.. til we were both really tired..and knocked out..

as for sunday (today), woke up pretty early...had breakfast..and watched tv..rot ard and in the afternoon..drove them to KAP cold storage to get some stuff bfore we head down to his sis's place.. this time i was quite excited to go over...as i'll be having my first Piano lesson~ haa..its been a long time since i actually touched a piano..used to learn Organ when i was young..but i stopped halfway...which i seriously regret alot...and therefore i decided to learn the piano..been tinking bout it since sec sch..where i have frens whom taught me how to play a few songs..but after which i kinda forgotten...so yea...i finally took up the courage to learn it all over again..with the support from baby..=) and yea..i'm oso his piano teacher right now..lol`..after lesson..we went to have our dinner with his mum and went grocery shopping bfore heading back home...praticed what i learned for sometimes bfore i knocked out and rested til 11+ bfore baby send me home ler...

im really tired...but yet i feel imcomplete without blogging..haa`..cuz i know tt if i dont blog now..i'll probably be too tired and lazy to blog bout my wkend the next few days..=p

btw..im actually comtemplating if i should get myself a Piano..or just a keyboard for the moment...i kinda worry that this is just another hobby that i'll give up halfway..as im pretty well known for it...pretty bad habit i guess...one gd example..is my poor little Lulu (my precious pretty black guitar!)..its now lying at the corner of my room collecting dust...haa`.. People..any suggestions? or any lobang for cheap pianos? haa`.. thanks! =)

anyway..photos up next~

random photos taken on friday night while awaiting baby's arrival.. honestly..have i lose any weight at all? im alrdy working so hard! pls tell me theres results!
more random picts taken bfore going to simin's 21st celebration..
my love and i~ =) *hugs*

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Little Wonders..

Little Wonders..

Just got back home not too long ago..after work went down to Orchard Forum to meet my bf for dinner.. went to California Pizza Kitchen..food was pretty good i would say..we ordered the Wild Mushroom Pizza..as i love eating mushrooms.. and we couldnt really make up our mind..as for dessert..we had Apple Crisp with A La Mode..which is really sweet and yummy~ had quite a nice long chat with him as we discussed on some business, insurance and investments matters.. and after our very filling dinner, we decided to go for a walk to digest the food else i would really have put on even more weight~ walked ard orchard for awhile..thats when i realise i haven actually been to Orchard or shop there for a long time~

quite a few stuff changed i would say...one significant example can be experience and seen by those taking the train..the have opened a new exit and the old one is under construction..which i pretty confusing for me and i totally felt lost..i believe i aint the only one as many others walked the same way as me and U-turn the same place as me and we all had the 'Lost' look. haa`..probably due to the fact thats its Orchard and there pretty lot of people ard which is y it can be rather confusing...

back to my day..after walking ard for awhile..he felt tired..and therefore we went back to his car and i drove us back to his place to rest awhile and washed up bfore he send me home..

anyway..for those curious and wondering whats that mysterious thing i bought.. look below~ ta-dah~ well..its a keychain that i had custom-made with our picture on it...only prob is i felt i didnt choose the right photo..and therefore it didnt really come out very nice. but no choice ler. cant change unless i redo a new one~ haa`..

most imptly..i just hope mr bf will like it, appreciate it, and not loose it~ as he have quite a tendency to lose keychains~ sad to say, he had loose the last keychain which i got for him from beijing..and thats why i decided to get him this keychain to replace the old one...

the 6mths anniversary gift
wild mushroom pizza
apple crisp with a la mode
and us again.. =)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i hereby declare today as, HAPPY DAY!

i hereby declare today as, HAPPY DAY!

rejoice~ haa`..

feeling super tired now~ lack of slp and on the constant move~ i've been rushing around non stop~ haa.. my legs and feet needs a gd massage~ haa`..

ytd bfore going to sch..went for dinner at PS and went on a hunt for something i had in mind..turn out i couldnt find it..found many other nice stuff as well..of which some of it i dropped the idea..as i've had some bad experience with it..and i'm so afriad it'll happen again..feel its like some curse or something ya...haa..so yea..after that, went to sch.. but my whole mind kept thinking bout it.. so during breaktime i rushed out to Cine wanting to get that something [i'll blog bout it only after today..so as for now...just continue guessing..haa`..]...but turn out its closed! and end up i had to rush down to suntec as i worry its closed too...thanks god its still opened when i reached...got it done in a rush and rushed back to sch...i did all that in only an hour or so...i was walking at quite an amazing speed~ haa.. and as for today...i had to go collect the stuff as it was pretty late when i reached last night and therefore i could only get it today..during lunch wanted to go get the stuff..but when i called it wasnt ready...end up i had to apply for time-off from work..went down to get it after lunch and rushed back to office!

tts y my feets is hurting terribly~ well.. i just hope all this wont go unappreciated and down the drain...haa`..

anyway gotta get bz le..update again tmr~

well..bfore i end this..just a short msg to my beloved other half..

Happy 6th Monthniversary! time flies..and i know theres still a long way to go.. i just hope we'll stay strong together til the end.. lotsa love`..*hugs*

Tuesday, January 15, 2008



its been a couple of sleepless nights.. its now 3.30am.. and im still wide awake here blogging.. well.. at least i've done something constructive! haa.. check out my new banner! =) done by yours truly.. *grins*

this week is gonna be quite a hectic wk again.. monday, tuesday and thurs i'll be having school after work...wed is my 6mths anni with bf.. and friday im still deciding... sat i've to attend simin's 21st bday celebration..and as for sunday..i'll be having my first piano lesson..

i'm pretty exhausted as you can see...in fact my classmates just commented that i look really tired to the point that i seem to be aging really fast...and they said that i look really really worn out in those photos in my previous few post.. *sigh*

i need to regain the energy..but yet i've no appetite to eat much lately...and i just cant seem to slp... i need some slping pills~

anyway..i better try to get some slp now...else i seriously wonder if i have the energy to go to work and sch tmr, or rather.. later....


Save Me

Save Me

I drift, I burn, I fly
When you sing lullabies
I'm helpless, I'm yearning
I'm like the putty in your hands

I laugh, I dream, I cry
When you take me on a roller coaster ride
You see me through and through
You see just who i am
Just take my hand and

Save me from this place
Heaven knows I'm falling
For you, my sweet embrace
Heaven Knows
Heaven knows I've been waiting for you

I had a dream that i
was falling from the sky
At 90 miles an hour
I was bound to crash and die
But out of nowhere you came and rescued me
There must be some grace in the touch of your face
I'm so happy that I've found you
I'm no longer afraid

Oh ' cause you
Save me from this place
Heaven knows i'm falling
For you my sweet embrace
Heaven knows
Heaven knows I've been waiting

Before i met you
Life was slow-mo
So slow-mo
I thought i had it figured out
But you came and turned my whole world upside down

Save me from this place
Heaven knows I'm falling
For you, my sweet embrace
Heaven knowsHeaven knows you've come to

Save me from this place
Heaven knows I'm falling
For you, my sweet embrace
Heaven Knows
Heaven knows I've been waiting for you
Waiting for you

Monday, January 14, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008


i feel like blogging today. only prob is. the moment i enter this 'create post' page. i suddenly jammed and felt a loss for words. my mind is pretty much a blank right now. and i cant seem to recall anything or have anything to say.


i'll just let the photos do the talking. many random shots taken when i was bored. some taken today. 2 of it overdued some time back.

taken just now while i was bored and awaiting time to pass to meet bf for rollerblading session with his friends.. i'm in love with my black hair!
taken some time back at RP library..

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

gd morning people~

gd morning people~

now in office..quite bz..but yet i feel so distracted...ohwell..anyway.. just a quick update on my wkend..

friday after work..i literally rushed home as i didnt wan baby to wait too long cuz he had knocked off early and will reach my place pretty early too.. and thnk god i manage to get home pretty early and had time to packed up and rest on the couch for awhile while waiting for baby to reach..upon meeting..went to his place to watch movies..and while phyllis and adrian came over..i was resting while baby was talking to them til they left bfore he came back to acc me..

sat, went to ECP to get laksa for breakfast..after which went to Ubi to meet Jenson at the car workshop..after which baby send me to sch for tutorials..and after that he came to pick me up and we went to katong for dinner.. followed by more movies and at night went to pick his dad up before we head back to slp too..

as for sunday, went for breakfast at bedok central with his parents..in the afternoon went to Autobacs and had prata bfore going back..after which went to pick his mum and we went to his aunt's place and to his sis's place til night bfore we went home to haf dinner and rested for awhile bfore he send me home ler..

shall not go too much into every details else you guys will be too bored out to read my blog any further.. haa`..=)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2008!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2008!

2008 New year Resolution
  • Stay healthy and happy!
  • Exercise regularly
  • Study harder for my Hons
  • Work harder and earn more Moolahs
  • Conquer fear of falling and master the art of blading
  • Maintain a healthy and blissful r/s with baby
  • Priortize and manage my time well
  • Control diet, eat less and lose more weight!

i just realise i haven got time to update my blog since xmas~ tts cuz i haven really been home~ office closed from 29dec07 til 3jan08..which means i didnt have to work for 4 working days..of which 2 are public holidays and the other 2 are co.'s holiday where everyone else have to get back to office..haa..therefore i end up staying over at baby's place til tuesday bfore i get home to do some early spring cleaning..cleared lotsa unwanted stuff that i've kept over the yrs..realise i've been keeping alot of rubbish all these while..haha...packed up, cleaned up and move lotsa things ard...and wa-lah~ now my room looks a teeny weeny bit tidier than bfore..haha..but as i didnt have enough time to really clear everything..i left 1 corner of the room still not exactly very cleared up..sighh..spend the 2 whole days to clear up and yet i still cant complete...it was so bad that i had to go over to baby's place to slp on wed night as my room is too messy to slp in..haha..and on thurs morning baby went to work while i went home to continue clearing til evening went to sch..and after sch continued to clear til ard 2am bfore i finally cleared up leaving a few bags of stuff ard as i still cant decide wat to do with those..haa..

as for my new yr..didnt really go out..instead Adrian, Jiabao, Jialiang, Jenson, his gf, Celina, Remy and ah hao came over to baby's place to countdown new yr by playing some board game which i found at home...and its only til now that i realise those board games could be so fun...haa`.. ate some food, e.g pizza, nuggets, fishballs, etc.. to go along of cuz...had quite a gd time...and we played til 4+am bfore they finally left...we cleared up the place and went to slp after which..

sadly no fotos to upload..shall update again soon... gonna go accompany baby ler..=) tata for now... and once again..Happy new yr~ wishing everyone a great yr ahead~

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