Monday, December 3, 2007

KL here i come~

KL here i come~

ytd after my post, wanted to go blading..turn out watched a dvd and washed his air con filters..den got tired..had lunch and went straight to slp...after we woke up...i was down with high fever, very very bad flu and sorethroat`~ sigh` continued to rot at home...and later in the evening baby brought me out to have i was craving for salted fish fried rice..haa`..after tt went back watched CSI and rest for awhile bfore baby send me hm ler..

today went to work...was SUPER bz~ lots of things to do and i was running ard like a mad women..haa`..end up had to work til 7 bfore i manage to escape...came home and did my last min packing i'll be going to KL tmr morning~ and baby will be coming over to pick me up soon`.. =) so i guess there wont be any updates til im back~ so stay tuned~ =D

tk care n ciaos everyone~ meanwhile u guys can continue to hog my blog~ haa`..tata`.. *misses*

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