Sunday, November 25, 2007

the next battle counting down 3days..

the next battle counting down 3days..

[tuning to: olivia - all out of love]

ytd woke up pretty late...went out to Kallang KFC for our Brunch...after which baby send me to KAP to study ler...and at bout 6+ he came over to pick me up...and later at night we went to the airport to pick his dad up...

as for today..woke up very early~ and therefore we decided to go down to Kallang Macdonalds for breakfast!~ though im really sick of Macdonalds since i've been eating it for the past few wks without fail...but i ahven get the chance to eat the breakfast as everytime i reach its lunch yeap...went to grab my Hotcakes while he ate Big Breakfast..after breakfast...went back to his place to rest as its still too early for me to go KAP...and at bout 11+ he send me down to study...studied til 5+ and he came to pick me up le...cuz we'll be having dinner with his whole family to celebrate his dad's bday..and after dinner, he send me home ler...

now here i am..taking a little break to blog before plunging back into my notes~ sigh`..tmr still gotta i guess i'll be slping early tonight..cuz i'll have tons of things to do at work tmr..=( nitey to all~ tata`..

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