Sunday, November 18, 2007

exams stress..counting down to 1 and a half days..

exams stress..counting down to 1 and a half days..

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friday, 16/11/07..was a super duper busy day for me at work as after today i will be on exam leave..and will only go back office once a wk for 3 consequetive weeks~ therefore i had loads of stuff to clear and had to pass my stuff to my colleagues and report to my manager on those stuff tt requires following up...turn out had to do OT til 8+ bfore i took a cab home as i was simply worn out after work...and not forgetting Happy 4th Monthniversary Baby! =)

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a little preview of the collage of some of the fotos of us taken over our 4mths together tt i've done for baby~ =) *loves*

anyway, as for saturday, 17/11/07.. had to wake up super fact even earlier den my usual working i had to assemble at my office building by 8.20am to go to Seletar Country Club for my co's Teambuilding event.. upon fact from a distance..i could see my we were all in our co.'s teambuilding event 07's T-shirt which is in BRIGHT orange~! faints sia..and i totally look like a nerd or a sec sch student who s going to sch or for some flag day thingy..wahaha..been a long long time since i last wore like tt...haa...overall the whole event was pretty fun..except certain things tt made me pretty pissed off...but oh well..small i shall not talk bout it.. =) photos will be uploaded when i get them from Siewling.. =)

after the event..went home...bath and prep...den Baby went to pick his mum and niece up and came over to pick me up...went back to his place to have dinner..he read his book and rested while i continued my revision...was actually suppose to only meet him after my exams which is like 2 wks away..and tt would mean we wont meet for 3 whole wks! but turn out we both gave in...and met up..haa...and later at night.we went to Partyworld at Chinatown to meet Adrian, Phylis and Ansley for Ktv session~ and Wenjing joined us later on...went back at bout 4+ and we knocked out right away...was super tired as i had woke up super early for the teambuilding thingy.. oh and btw..Baby just changed his headlamp to Angel and Eagle eyes..i Like!~ hees`...its Super NICE! and now is ride looks uber COOL~ haa`...too bad i forgotten to bring my camara couldnt tk a pict of it...will update on it another time! =P

as for today, woke up.. washed up..and we head down to ECP to have out Brunch at the HK cafe.. went to check out the blades..but didnt see anything tt i we went back to his place to get my books and then he send me down to KAP again to mug with my classmates..and later at night he came to pick me up to send me home ler...

right now..feeling pretty tired.. just did some brush up on my POM revision...and now resting...therefore decided to come blog bfore i gonna wake up early again to head down to KAP again to do some last min revision bfore my exam which starts on tueday!~ STRESS~

please wish me luck~ haa`.. =)

tata for now~ Nitey!

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