Thursday, November 22, 2007

the Battle begins~

the Battle begins~

[tuning to: as the rush comes]

the battle had just begun on tuesday, 20nov07..had my Practice of Management paper..well...its was not fact i came out feeling prety happy and please bout wat i've studied came out..only worry is whether i elaborate it well or i didnt practice on my elaboration and half the time im crapping my way thru and repeatingmy answers over and over again in different manners..haa` least i know i should be able to pass it.. =)

as for today's battle...i went in feeling pretty nervous as im not very prepared...been trying to squeeze the notes and facts into my already very exhausted brain after the first battle...turn out it was pretty futile...i didnt understand the curves and everything...and's battle was Business study group were all pretty well versed and understand the curves and stuff...but when they talk to me bout it..i totally felt lost! stressed! tts all i can feel...well...i did manage to answer every question...but all my answers are pretty short...and i already found out from my lecturer and classmates tt one of my diagram is pretty worried bout it..and all i can do now is pray hard i can scrap thru for it...=)

well...these 2 battles are over..and m not gonna brood over them...there will be another 2 more battles coming up next wk...Foundations of Marketing and Foundations of production and operation management...of which marketing is still quite alright for me..where as i totally have no idea on wats going on for FPOM...its total crap~

with tt gonna go tk a nap first as i woke up pretty early these few days...and i still gotta get my ass back at work tmr and on monday..sighh...and i've just heard from my colleagues tt its very busy back at work...i'm so gonna faint~

k...tata for now...not gonna let my mood b spoilt by workstuff for i'll be meeting baby later!~ =) missing him truckloads~ promise~ here's the latest pict of baby's ride with his black bonet, chrome number plate(which cant be seen on tis pict) and new angel eye and eagle eye headlamps~ =D i like the headlamps!~ ultimate beauty!~ haa`..

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